Lead Generation Collaboration - 5 Advantages

In today’s business environment, it is so competitive that if you do not participate in collaboration for lead generation, it’s gonna be very challenging to gain that edge. Notice how even companies have changed to foster the collaboration culture in the office. 

Traditionally, offices were built individually and everyone had their own rooms but now it has changed to an open concept and the bosses have their rooms with transparent glass panels. 86% of businesses use online collaboration for lead generation and it has a positive impact on business growth because informal collaboration can bring an enormous flow of fresh leads into your sales team.  

In theory, we all know that marketing and sales teams should be aligned to produce optimal results but did you know that lack of cohesion between these 2 departments can cost organizations a minimal 10% of revenue per year, let alone lack of cohesion between all the departments?

Lead Generation Collaboration - 5 Advantages

Since we know the many benefits collaboration can bring and the business losses that can occur due to lack of cohesion, why do so many companies still struggle with collaboration? 

It happens mostly due to organizational history – every single department has their own work flow and they do not like other departments to feedback on anything because it felt like “invading their territory” and past conflicts might have contributed to the current dysfunctional working relationships. So what can companies do to encourage collaboration so lead generation can become more efficient? 

Here are 5 huge advantages of lead generation collaboration: 


1. Social Media Connections

So many people are on social media nowadays not only for personal use but also for work. Social media does not just connect individuals, it connects their networks too. Every person in your company is a walking network of potential customers. 

Lead Generation Collaboration - 5 Advantages

Allowing people to connect their accounts together via collaboration software (Slack, Trello), can bring opportunities that your sales team will literally “die for”. Eg. The deal that the sales team has been trying unsuccessfully to close might be shocked to find out that the other company’s Chief Operating Officer might be a buddy of the Customer Service Manager so having an “insider” colleague might just seal the deal.   

2. How Live Questions Can Become A Research Survey

If your webinar includes a Q&A session with the audience which is generally recommended to increase engagement and build brand awareness, why not treat those questions not only as mandatory obligations to answer but also a stepping stone as research for your next webinar or marketing campaign?

The best questions are usually those which your audience found incredibly insightful and if that is the basis of great and effective communication, why not build your next webinar around them?

3. Video Presentations Can Become Evergreen Content

Here is one way where the video team and marketing team can work on collaboration. You present your TEDx talk to say, 500 guests and it works. Then you put it on the YouTube channel and it brings in 80 more. A year later, the video is still performing lead generation for you. 

Are you maximizing your resources and making the most out of your content? Make sure you are combing all the leads it can reach, across all channels. This way, your content always stays evergreen and continually brings in new leads. 

Lead Generation Collaboration - 5 Advantages

4. Garner Additional Feedback And Increase Lead Generation Simultaneously

At work, you are among your trusted colleagues who are also your friends. Sharing early drafts of your webinar content and how it would be available after the event, can generate a larger audience for that content easily, 

Once people have chimed in their feedback or contributed ideas, they feel a sense of ownership and will share it with their social networks. Here’s what you call “killing two birds with one stone” – boosting lead generation while improving the content with their feedback. 

5. Collaboration Pumps In New Ideas For Everything

Collaboration culture encourages the free flow of ideas without judgement. The morning round-ups, coffee breaks and casual conversations are known as the “light bulb cove” which contain informational cues to give you new ideas and content that will appeal to your audience, making you stand out from the competition. 

In summary, lead generation collaboration is no longer optional in today’s business world. It is mandatory and building connections upon connections not only helps to bring in fresh leads but their referrals too, increasing your brand awareness and business revenue too. 


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