Facebook Monetization

Facebook is no stranger to all of us but it is not just a social media platform. If you have a Facebook page with some level of following; it doesn’t matter whether you have a website, there are many ways to monetize or make money from it. In short, Facebook monetization is possible.

Truth be told – it is easier to start from a Facebook page with many followers and monetize a website rather than start a website and try to build a Facebook page with great following. 

So what exactly does Facebook monetization mean? It basically means making money from something of value you provide to your target audience. Whether it is selling clothes, online courses or even professional services – if you are making money from it, it is considered a form of Facebook monetization. 

There are various ways you can use Facebook to monetize your products or services; Facebook page, Facebook group or Facebook ads. However, we are going to focus on how you can monetize your Facebook page today.

Facebook Monetization


Time and again, we hear of companies suddenly gaining popularity or success on Facebook overnight but what we don’t often see is that a lot of hard work and time went into building a huge following before launching their product or service. 

It is important to note that in order to build a Facebook page, you must be willing to invest time, effort and money too. Facebook monetization has become a pay-to-play network and if you want to make sure that your content goes to your target audience, you must be ready to pay for Facebook advertising before you see the sales coming in.  

Facebook monetization might not be available for everyone as Facebook has laid down some strict criteria due to control against scammers etc. Make sure you read through their guidelines before choosing to monetize your products or services so as not to infringe on any rules. Enough said about the theory and legalities – let’s move on to how you can do Facebook monetization, particularly your Facebook page. Here are 4 awesome ideas to get you started:

Facebook Monetization

1. Sell digital content

If you have an area of expertise aka your niche, there is no reason why you can’t use it to sell digital content to your Facebook followers. With the lack of physical space and convenience, many consumers have turned to buying ebooks. 

Eg. You are good and into preparing healthy food because you love to lead a healthy lifestyle so you can actually sell healthy recipe books. 

Digital products are low cost and are easy to maintain as a result of being an information product. Unlike physical products, you do not need to worry about parcels getting lost or shipment delays etc. 

You have total control over how the products are going to be delivered and you do not need to fret about the products going out of stock. You can even give it away as a freebie to those who join your community as to incentivize them into a subscription-based model where you can continually connect with them and monetize your audience, without any restrictions in reach from Facebook’s algorithms. 

2. Sell online courses 

With evolving consumer behaviour and advancing technology, many people are turning to taking courses online because it doesn’t limit them to a physical location or timing. Furthermore, most courses have lifetime access so it makes online learning even easier as users can go back online for a refresher anytime they want. 

The pandemic has made online learning a boom! Whether it is taking pilates classes or joining a unique niche community, there is enough pie for everyone to take advantage of and earn money via Facebook monetization. 

Keeping this objective in mind, adding an online course or private member community subscription can be a great way to monetize your Facebook following. Furthermore, this creates a recurring revenue stream unlike selling a product where the consumer only buys once. Your target audience basically spends on their membership every month.

Facebook Monetization

3. Sell products 

Dropshipping is a very popular concept with many people becoming e-commerce sellers because you do not need to have a physical store to keep your products or merchandise. 

It is a method where the seller uses third parties to produce, pack and ship the product directly to their customers. Whether you are selling accessories or t-shirts, you would be likely to find a dropshipper that covers the entire supply chain so all you need to do is market the product to your target audience. 

This is also a low cost investment where you only need to pay when products are sold. If branded well, the physical product serves as an additional marketing channel for your Facebook page. As the product buyers and their friends continually see your branding, the product becomes the “face” or billboard for your Facebook page and Facebook monetization occurs as an automatic result. 

4. Sell your service

If you have grown your following to a decent level, why not sell this ability as a service? There are many small and medium sized businesses that would love to build their social media presence but do not have the knowledge or experience to do so. That is where you can come in to help them because you have that knowledge and the following to prove it. 

Usually within the influencer community, you would get to know other influencers too and that is also where pulling ranks or collaborating with your fellow influencers will help too. When combined together, you can create significant influence over specific communities. Whether you are a micro influencer or macro one, there is no doubt a business with a smaller following would need your help. 

In summary, Rome is not built overnight and the same applies to building your Facebook following and Facebook monetization. Launching a product or service without a readily available audience can prove to be very challenging. Competition is stiff nowadays because people have had more options than ever before. The key to success is perseverance and consistency – building a loyal audience who trusts in you and believes in what you offer. All the best to monetization!


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