ClickBank Affiliate Marketing - 4 Bonus Tricks For Beginners

ClickBank is another major affiliate marketing platform besides Amazon. It is well known for becoming home to thousands of digital products like videos, e-books and software etc.

Unlike traditional affiliate marketing platforms, ClickBank serves as a marketplace for both sellers and affiliates so they can make money together without complicated paperwork hence becoming one of the main reasons why it is so popular.  

Digital products tend to have very high commissions per sale and that usually means a good ClickBank offer will help you multiply the money of a 3% cut from selling a physical product off Amazon and other affiliate programs. 

ClickBank is legit and safe, it is a network used by millions of affiliate marketers. They have many products and you just need to find the products you like to recommend and connect with the owner of the products.

Without further ado, let’s get into 4 bonus tricks of how ClickBank can help you as an affiliate marketer after registration:

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing - 4 Bonus Tricks For Beginners

1. Find the right product to promote

As many successful sellers would do, you need to find a solid product to promote. Something that will be a great hit with consumers and create a funnel to convert the traffic. Then you build up your traffic, optimize your funnel and once you know you are profitable (earning more than you invest), you scale accordingly. 

To kickstart your probability of success, choose to promote pages that have already been optimized in order to build your sales funnels and screening offers becomes a very important part of the process. Here are 4 tips when it comes to screening offers: 

  • Low cost initial offer with up to 3 upsells
  • Video sales pages and native pages (pages that are sponsored or have a lot of content)
  • Products with good reviews 
  • Product gravity above 20 (it means that the page converts fairly well)

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing - 4 Bonus Tricks For Beginners

2. Build the funnel

There are a few ways to build the funnel and they include direct linking, landing page and opt in. Direct linking simply means you send people directly to the seller’s sales page but it is advisable to “engage” your target audience first before using this method. What we mean by “engage” is doing some storytelling to the target audience while moving them towards the direct link. 

Eg. If you are selling a weight loss product, you can sell on becoming more confident and looking good before the product not only helps you to lose weight but also helps to detox the bad stuff out, making your body and skin look good which in turn, increases your confidence and many friends have been raving about the new change! You get the drift…

Next, the landing page approach is a web page that you create and this acts as a middleman between your product offer and the visitor. This could be a product review, video or article etc. The visitor would pop by, consume any of the content and then click on a link to get redirected to your product offer. 

For opt in, you basically send your visitor to a landing page and offer them a free gift related to your product offer in exchange for their email address. You then send them the free gift and product offer (amongst other stuff that you want them to look at) via email. 

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing - 4 Bonus Tricks For Beginners

3. Work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I am sure many of you know by now whenever you are dealing with online content, SEO plays an important part in organic traffic even on ClickBank. SEO is the art of working on your website ranking in Google search results when users enter specific search keywords. 

However, this is a long term game so it will take at least two to three months before you see your first sale if that is your main source of traffic. The process is also tedious as it requires a lot of effort and consistency in link building especially when it comes to ranking for highly competitive keywords. But once the SEO is working well, it can bring continual traffic for years with minimal effort. 

4. Leverage on social media

Many businesses and individuals have turned to mainly using social media as their marketing channels. Why? Because they are free unless you really have a huge marketing budget, you can use some of their paid advertising features. 

The three main marketing channels are Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They are easy to set up and as long as you comply with their guidelines, the whole process should be pretty smooth from setting up to publishing content. You would be surprised to know that many affiliate marketers actually make a lot of money promoting products organically on these platforms.  

So here is using ClickBank as another platform for your affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, you need to leverage on social media, website and/ or blog if you want to increase your chances of success as an affiliate marketer.


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