In the science of today’s world, there is much more negativity being spread around rather than positive energy – would you agree? We see so much on social media nowadays. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. This theory applies to both tangible and intangible objects. 

Principles in physics and chemistry show that tangible objects such as a pen or shelf are made up of billions of individual atoms. Atoms are mini balls of energy that interact and bond with other atoms into many forms including metal, wood pulp, water and other raw materials used to manufacture tangible objects. 

Intangible objects are made up of energy too. These are our thoughts and emotions; positive or negative, they can also interact and bond with other atoms in our physical environment. 

Research has shown that our brains are a form of intense energy that can be easily detected with medical equipment. It demonstrates a correlation, how this energy works with our physical environment in a similar capacity. Albert Einstein first discovered this phenomenon in 1935 by experimenting with quantum mechanics – activating one particle created an instantaneous response in a corresponding particle somewhere in the universe. 

Have you ever wondered when you think that the day is going to turn bad, it eventually turns out badly with many hiccups? 

Or have you been thinking of a friend and that same friend calls you suddenly?

How to build positive energy

These occurrences are definitely not a coincidence – our thoughts and emotions can affect our future. Easier said than done, right? It does not mean we ignore the problems we face or our emotions as to how everything is not working according to what we planned. It basically means that we acknowledge the turbulent waves that are going on in our lives and this is the first step to focusing on the good that will eventually come. 

As we learn how to release and control the influx of negative thoughts and emotions, the positivity index increases and attracts good to materialize in our physical environment.

Here are six ways to help you build positive energy. 

1. Hang out with positive people

I think you would have realised by now; the people who are always bubbly and never back down from challenges. Birds of the same feather flock together – this is true. When you are with optimistic or hopeful people, they transfer their positive energy to you and you will find that soon, you become less depressed and more solution-focused. Choose wisely who you allow into your social circle. 

2. Take a break

Sometimes, our minds and bodies become affected and exhausted from all the negativity so it is good to take a frequent break to maintain our mental and emotional well being. Do something that helps to relax your mind and body. This could simply mean taking a nap or doing a hobby that you like. 

3. Do good deeds

Do you agree that when you perform a good deed, it instantly makes you feel happy and good about yourself? Hold the door for someone who is coming through, tip the delivery rider or help a stranger to carry groceries. You will be surprised at the definite and positive shift in the energy you attract.

How to build positive energy

4. Engage in vigorous exercise

Research has shown the positive effects of vigorous exercise on our psychological and physical health. Some benefits include elevated mood, improved sleep, higher energy levels and focus. A simple 20-minute daily workout is sufficient to reap all these benefits! 

5. Positive self talk

Whenever you feel down, read or watch inspiring quotes and videos. In the midst of reading or watching them, take the keywords and repeat to yourself. Better still, if you have a favourite quote, say it to yourself in front of the mirror every day. It prepares and sets you up for success through positive energy.

6. Give compliments

Showing your appreciation to someone makes them feel good and valued; at the same time, you also make yourself feel good. They may even give you compliments in return and help you see yourself in a better light about strengths that you are not consciously aware of, boosting your morale in the process. 


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Have you ever been to a place where you instantly feel negative vibes in the atmosphere or some discomfort and unease? At times, it can be overwhelming and in turn affect you, emotionally or mentally. One minute, you are happy and laughing but the next moment, you feel so drained and depressed. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone, my friend. What you are experiencing is negative energy and this can happen on a daily basis. Negative energy is found everywhere – people, objects and even surroundings.

Negative energy is toxic to our entire system. Some examples are depression, anxiety and increased blood pressure etc. While we can tolerate negativity for prolonged periods of time because in the modern age, we have been “trained” to deal with stress thus the same applies to negative thoughts and emotions. However, if accumulated, this might cause emotional, mental or health problems. 

Therefore it is important that we make time and effort to clear the negative energy so we can continue to thrive and operate joyfully as a person and whatever roles we play in our daily lives. Just think of yourself as a pipe – over time, the pipe becomes choked with sewage and is unable to work well so it needs to be cleared regularly to continue functioning well in the long run.

How to remove negative energy

Now that you know negative energy exists, here are 6 ways to remove or reduce negative energy

1. Identify the source of negative energy

Do you feel drained or upset whenever you meet a particular person? It could be due to you hanging out with negative people who then transfer their negative emotions or thoughts to you on a subconscious level. Some of these people might be your colleagues, family members or friends. It is not always easy to detach yourself from them. The first step is to slowly cut downtime spent with them. The second step is to create and maintain boundaries so you won’t be put into situations that you do not wish to be involved in.

2. Be complaint free 

Have you ever noticed once you start to complain, it somehow becomes a never-ending cycle? Almost every hour, you find new issues to whine or complain about and nothing seems to satisfy you? This creates negative energy and the more you focus on negativity, the more it is created.  Instead, choose to focus on positive thoughts and be less whiny. Slowly but surely, you will find that you feel uplifted when you complain less. 

3. Meditation

Research has shown that when we set time aside for meditation, some of the benefits are decreased stress and improved concentration etc. You can find a quiet spot to sit and close your eyes. Let all of your thoughts, positive and negative, pass you by. As they come up, simply acknowledge them and take deep relaxing breaths. You will soon feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. Start with 5 minutes and slowly increase the intervals as time goes by.

How to remove negative energy

4. Smudging and salt

You can use sage or sandalwood incense sticks for smudging. Recite your intention as you go around smudging your house or office. Be sure to include windows, corners and under the furniture. When you finish clearing the whole house and are back at the original spot, recite your intention again. You can also pour salt into the four corners of your room and let it sit for 48 hours. It will absorb all the negative energy in your surroundings. Thereafter, you can throw the salt away. 

5. Clean the house and office

Clutter can affect our anxiety levels, ability to focus, productivity and sleep. Make it a point to declutter every month by clearing unwanted items from both your house and office. Clean your house and office desks often so they remain tidy. When you see them in an organized state, your mind instantly feels relaxed because it makes you feel good that everything is under control. As a result, your productivity is boosted and sleep is improved. 

6. Crystals

Crystals have been used often in healing rituals, spiritual advancement and as decoration pieces. They are structured in such a way that they respond to the energies surrounding them. The two commonly used crystals are rose quartz and black tourmaline. The former promotes positive energy like raising self-esteem, restoring emotional balance while the latter helps with calming your mind and strengthening your immune system. 


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How to appreciate life and people

“Appreciate what you have, because someone else is wishing for it”. – Karon Waddell

Life in 2020 has been a tumultuous year for many people, to say otherwise is an understatement. The onset of Covid-19 in late January became known quickly as the pandemic worldwide and many countries were forced to go into lockdown mode to try to contain and prevent the spread of this terrifying, mysterious virus which was infecting millions of people every day at an alarming rate. Deaths soon became a daily and common occurrence.

With countries going into lockdown mode, factories and companies had to close temporarily and most people had to work from home. Even shopping and dining in were completely restricted. Wearing masks and using hand sanitizer became the new norm. This in turn caused a global economic downturn and resulted in an avalanche of unemployment. Companies had to lay off staff to stay afloat or close down permanently. Businesses were affected especially the airlines, oil and gas industries etc. Many individuals lost jobs, homes or even family members during this period. Depression and divorce cases increased dramatically.

How to appreciate life and people

Everything seems so dark and gloomy right now, how do we find a silver lining in the midst of this scary thunderstorm that does not seem to end? Look at the mirror and around you, you would have found the answers you are seeking. What do I mean by these? Let me explain why.

How to appreciate life and people

When you look at the mirror every morning, do you see that you have yet another wrinkle or do you see that you wake up healthy and breathing to another day in your life? When you look around, do you see that your spouse is annoying you with his or her bad habits again or do you see that he or she is healthy and by your side this very moment? When you work, do you see that you have a never-ending workload and am working longer hours than before or do you see that you still have a job that helps you pay the bills and put food on the table?

Life is always full of challenges and all we need to do is to flip the other side of the coin, looking at things from a renewed perspective. When we do this, you will find that your complaints become lesser and your joy becomes much fuller because of gratitude. If we may be completely honest with ourselves, it is so easy to live life and think it is a God-given right, doing the same old same old blindly without stopping to appreciate that the mundane is actually little pockets of blessings. Eg. Having meals with our families, having a roof over our heads, having physically fit bodies etc. Many others do not even know when the next meal will come, when they can sleep on a proper bed instead of sleeping on the streets, whether they will be able to see their families again due to affliction with Covid-19 virus or other terminal diseases and social distancing needs to be observed.

How to appreciate life and people

Take a step back from all the negatives and use a few moments to appreciate what you have, what you achieved and how far you have come. It is definitely not easy and sometimes we are so busy that we get lost in our hectic schedules, forgetting what are the things we should truly focus on. Gratitude is a choice and we should adopt it as a daily habit. A good habit that helps us to move forward no matter what life throws at us.

Here are eight ways to appreciate what you have and your loved ones right now:

  1. Keep a blessings journal and spend 3 minutes every morning to write down what you are grateful for before starting your day.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others because every individual is unique.
  3. Be a volunteer at non-profit organisations because interaction with the underprivileged will make you realise your glass is overflowing instead of half empty.
  4. Enjoy simple pleasures in life because less is more.
  5. Ask yourself reflective questions. Instead of asking “When will I ever be rich?”, choose to ask “What can I do to help someone today?”
  6. Love yourself and practise self-care daily by setting time aside to wind down after a day’s work.
  7. Spend time with your loved ones because, in the current technology age, human touch is becoming minimal but research has shown that it actually calms cardiovascular stress and is a good booster of mental health.
  8. Write appreciation cards or messages to your loved ones or colleagues who have been helpful. They will be pleasantly surprised and wildly appreciative that you remember them.


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