Amazon Affiliate Marketing - 3 Important Steps

Amazon affiliate program is possibly one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms. Affiliate marketing is widely useful for people who want to earn extra income at their own pace and without reporting to a physical location. Today we are going to focus on Amazon’s affiliate program aka Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates can be an easy way to monetize your blog or website. Creating an affiliate account is easy – simply sign up, get immediate approval and place Amazon affiliate links on your site as fast as today. When someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your affiliate links, you will get the commission. It’s that easy!

But how do you get started? You will find a guide below, giving you the know how through 3 important steps to becoming a successful Amazon affiliate. Whether you are someone looking for a side hustle, an aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner, we hope this guide will be useful to you so let’s get going! 

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - 3 Important Steps

1. Create a blog or website

Before applying to be an Amazon affiliate, you must have an active blog, website, app or YouTube channel. It will be helpful if you have populated that site with content so it appears both active and authentic to both users and Amazon. 

It is important to be able to describe the purpose of your blog or website as part of the application process so have a solid idea of why you are creating your blog or website, your target audience and how you are going to attract organic traffic.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - 3 Important Steps

2. Create an Amazon Associates account

Visit the Amazon Associates homepage and click “Join Now for Free”. You can either log into your existing account or you can create one if you do not own an Amazon account yet. 

Begin building your account profile by clicking on “New Customer” and following the prompts to complete details like your name, address, mobile number, website address, preferred store ID, purpose of website and how you drive traffic to your website. The last step to getting account approval is via receiving a phone call from Amazon upon pressing “Call Me Now” and keying in a four digit code.  

Choose your payment method and input your tax ID information. After creating your account, you will be sent to your personal Associate homepage and this is where you will find your performance dashboard. The dashboard gives you an overview of your earnings, monthly summary and total clicks. 

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - 3 Important Steps

3. Create Amazon affiliate links

Log in to your Amazon Associate account so that the link text is generated in a way that associates the product you are promoting with your account. Click and select “Product Links” so you will be taken to a page where you will be prompted to create your link. 

Add the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) or do a search on Amazon for the product. ASIN is a 10-character alphanumeric code assigned to a product by Amazon for easy identification within their product catalogue. After checking that this is the product you want to promote from the search results, click the “Get Link” button and you will be able to get the Amazon affiliate link to copy to your promotions. 

Do note that Amazon’s guidelines prohibit the use of affiliate link in offline promotions, emails, ebooks and PDF. Ensure you create quality content to attract high sales turnover as is the case with most online marketing and sales. Your account will be approved for 180 days and you need to make at least one sale if not your account will be closed. Re-application is allowed after you make certain adjustments to your website.  

In summary, the process of setting up an Amazon affiliate account is easy and fast. As long as there is consistent quality content and effort in driving organic traffic, becoming a successful Amazon affiliate is not hard! Just keep in mind to comply with their guidelines and rules, all the best!


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