Im Jayapal Ramasamy

Studied ACCA in London through Emile Woolf College of Accounting, became a member of ACCA in 1985, Fellow in 1990 and was awarded the NPB-JICA Scholarship to attend the Fellowship Program in Japan in 1988 on Management Consultancy Skill.

My experience in international business and diverse cultural network renders a good understanding of East and West relations

Personal Blog

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My Publications

Malaysian taxation / V. Navaratnam, R. Jayapal

This book aims to prepare the student of revenue law,examinations by professional accounting bodies in Malaysia. The authors discuss in clear, simple language the important tax principles and tax cases.relevant illustrations and computations are provided to explain how these tax principles are applied.

Co-author of the following books:

  • Singapore Taxation, E W Fact (UK) (1986)
  • Singapore Tax and Tax Management, E W Fact (UK) (1986)
  • Malaysian Taxation, Longman (1988)
  • Singapore Taxation, Open Learning Resources Pte Ltd (1991 & 1992 Edition)

My Experience

Ramasamy Jayapal occupies the position of Chairman at Hallmark Capital Pte Ltd., Chairman for Trace Capital Pte. Ltd, Director & Compliance Officer at Chancery Asset Management Pte. Ltd. Mr Jayapal was the founding member of Malvern International Plc, Founder member of McMillan Woods Global Ltd. and Mcmillan Woods International Ltd. and Member of Institute of Management Consultants.

He previously was Council Member-Singapore Branch at Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Founder Member and Vice President of McMillan Woods Global, a network of Accounting Firms currently in over 20 countries, have been active in the regional development of members in countries like India/ Pakistan/ Bangladesh/ Sri Lanka and in charge of the Quality Control. In short, I wish to bring ideas that are flexible and agile where we are able to anticipate changes and respond in appropriate speed in today’s ever-changing world.

Management Accounting
Financial Analysis
Budgeting and Planning
  • 1990-1995

    General Manager Pannel Kerr Foster

  • 1993-2000

    Treasurer - Rotary Club Singapore North

  • 1995-2005

    Malvern Education PLC

  • 2006-2009

    Vice President Asia Pacific PARKER RAND (UK) LLP

  • 2010-2020

    VP - McMillan Woods Global

What I’m Passionate About

Current Positions

  • Board of Governor, St. John International School, Malaysia
  • Board Member, ANSA India Pte Ltd
  • Advisor, Direct English Malaysia
  • Advisor, Melewar Learning Resources Sdn Bhd
  • Deputy Chairman, International Student Recruitment Center Pte Ltd
  • Chairman, Trace Capital Services Pte Ltd
  • Chairman, Hallmark Nominee Services Pte Ltd
  • Deputy President, Mcmillan Woods Global (UK) Pte Ltd
  • Director, Alliance Corporate Services Pte Ltd

Previous Positions

  • CEO, AEC Education PLC (UK Public Listed Company)
  • Finance Director, AEC Education PLC (UK Public Listed Company)
  • Director, Savant Infocom PLC (India Listed Company)
  • Director, Panel Kerr Forster. Singapore
  • Director, Parker Randall, Singapore
  • Vice President – South East Asia & Pacific, Parker Randall
  • Director, Parker Randall Sdn Bhd
  • Director, Parker Randall India Pvt Ltd
  • Deputy Chairman, AEC Edu Group Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Director, Sindia Property Group Pte Ltd
  • Chairman of Board of Director, Pannasastra School of Professional Accounting, Cambodia
  • Director, Regent College , Cambodia
  • Founding Board Member, Malvem International PLC( AIM Listed Company)

Social Work

  • Past President, Rotary Club of Singapore North
  • Committee Member Teck Ghee CCMC Committee
  • Committee Member Teck Ghee Zone B Residence Committee.
  • Chairman-Membership Development, Singapore Indian Education Trust (Charity)
  • Council Members, Institute of Management Consultants
  • Chairman, Rotary Learning Institute (Charity)
  • Chairman, Business Development Committee, Institute of Management( Charity)
  • Council Member, Krishna Our Guide ( Charity)

Years Experience

Previous Social Experience

  • District Treasurer, Rotary International District 3310 (2010/ 11 & 2016/ 17)
  • President, Rotary Club of Singapore North
  • Vice Chairman, Teck Ghee Zone B
  • Member of Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (FM-DAC)
  • Member of organizing committee for Tech Ghee National Day Carnival (2007)
  • ICPAS Sub Committee Member of ACCA (1996 – 2007)
  • Local Executive Council Member of ACCA, Singapore Branch (1993 – 2004)
  • Executive Council Member of SIM II Toastmasters (including being its Vice President) (1987 – 1988)
  • Member ACCA Subcommittee of ICPAS
  • Committee Member of the Publications Committee of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountant (1986 – 1989)

About me

Have extensive working experience in the last 35 years covering the various aspects.


  • Last 30 years involved in the education industry establishing new strategic partnership in Business Development. Was able to list AEC Education PLC as the 1st Singapore Education Company to be listed on the AIM market under the London Stock Exchange. Was the CEO and Finance Director of AEC Education PLC.


  • Involved in management accounting assignments for various clients including lawyers, furniture retails, manufacturing, services and clubs during his employment with Pannell Kerr Forster.


  • Participated in the computerization of many companies (locally and foreign) involving a variety of applications for both SECAP and NO-SECAP clients while in Pannell Kerr Forster.
  • Co-lecturer at The Small enterprises computerization Accounting Programme conducted periodically by System Education Centre, a subsidiary of National Computer Board.


  • Acts as Tax Consultant to many companies both foreign and local. He also does tax planning for companies who wish to minimize their global tax.
  • Helps SMEs find new sources of finance and prepares local dossiers for companies requiring funding.


  • Trained by the Japan Productivity Centre on Retail Consultancy and was involved in two project in Japan. In Singapore, he has been involved in retail consultancy work for companies involved in various activities from high fashion to electric light fittings.


  • Initial work experience started as Auditors focusing on systems control and evaluating control systems and recommending change to clients.


  • Now actively involved in helping client to source for investments and raise funds for their business expansion or acquisition.

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